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About Us

Edwards Design Company is a family run design and reconstruction firm based in Shawnee, Kansas. We’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management; frequent onsite visits, one on one consulting and communication with every homeowner, daily and weekly schedules, and a thorough plan from start to finish to ensure client satisfaction. We believe in the "special touch" approach, only provided by managing a limited number of projects per month.

Christopher Edwards, our CEO, has been in the design industry for over 10 years. With a plethora of knowledge in design and construction, he is well equipped for any project. Candace Edwards, our President, is in charge of everything behind the scenes. From your first point of contact to each appointment, phone call and email in between, she's got you covered. Our mission at Edwards Design Company is to ensure that every clients' experience is more about them, than dollars and cents. From the first phone call to the final product, we are there.

Our Story

We, Christopher and Candace Edwards, bought a new home in the summer of 2014. We had big dreams for our fixer upper but still had a budget to think about. We also had a strict timeline to keep in mind, due to the upcoming arrival of our daughter. We knew it was going to be a large task but we were up for the challenge. With a lot of hard work, a wonderful team of people, efficient project management, organization, and constant communication... we did it! It was such a great learning experience and so rewarding in the end that we thought, why not make this a business? Why not help others turn their ideas and dreams of their homes into a reality? We are so proud of the work that we have put into our own home and we would love for others to feel the same way.  

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